Dr. Erica Elannan, D.D.S.


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Dr. Erica Elannan, a native of St. Augustine Florida, at the age of 17 years old, was one of 18 students selected worldwide for the rigorous, 6 year combined BA/DDS dental program at the University of Missouri-Kansas city. Dr. Elannan completed a typical 4 year BA degree in only 2 years, sub¬sequently entering in with the university's 80 conventional 4-year DDS students to obtain her doctorate of dental surgery, all in a mere 6 years rather than the typical 8 year dental curriculum.Dr. Elannan developed her aesthetic skills & artistic vision through, completing a cosmetic internship located in Phoenix, Arizona. Out of the original 18 students, Dr. Elannan was one of only 11 students to actually complete the program, graduating the program with honors in cosmetic, restorative & reconstructive dental surgery.

Dr. Elannan graduated the dental program at the age of 23 years old, making her one of the youngest dentists practicing in the country, post graduation, holding board certifications in multiple states, she began her career opening a cosmetic surgery center in St. Augustine, Florida.

Dr. Elannan remains an avid proponent of community service. Through various publications, ranging from local to international, and educational seminars, she focuses on identifying the possibilities as well as offering choices to society in quality dental care.

A perfectionist by nature, she strives to create natural smiles of distinct, unparalleled beauty, ultimately changing lives and awakening inner self-confidence one smile at a time. Through her research, she has originated a product line and book series, which provides the solution to the widespread caries epidemic plaguing our nation. Her fervency has thus brought her to the valley of the sun to unite and share in the passion of private practice at North Valley Centre for Comprehensive & Aesthetic Dentistry, in which to strive together to create smiles as healthy as they are beautiful. She has lived in the valley of the sun for 13 years and resides with her fiance and two beautiful children, a daughter age 9 and son age 6. As a family they are avid tennis & golf players.