Complete Oral Healthcare

Complete Oral Healthcare

Our first and foremost goal is to ensure your complete oral health. Whether you requirre routine cleanings or comprehensive rehabilitation, our team of professionals is here to serve your best interest. We treat each of our patients as we would treat ourselves or members of our own family. From your first visit you will experience the difference in what clinical excellence, contemporary technique and genuine caring is all about.

Oral Healthcare

After getting to know you personally, our team will assess your complete oral health status and complete a full dental and periodontal evaluation. An oral cancer screening and TMJ assessment is also included, and if required the doctor and staff will recommend treatment. With each individual there are always options for success. Our team will outline all available options and ultimately help you make decisions for care that works BEST for YOU.

Your routine cleanings are everything but routine. We take great effort to spend the time necessary to make your visits both enjoyable and productive. In the past you may have had a dental experience consisting of a twenty-minute cleaning by a hygienist followed by a quick visit from the doctor. If so, we encourage you to visit us at Smile Nuvo to see what you’ve been missing! We pledge never to compromise our high level of care and to always keep our patients’ best interests above all else.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your next dental appointment, please contact our office at 602-834-8834.